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Announcing Roundtable Discussion Topics!

February 22 2017

The Roundtable Discussions allow attendees to gain insights into a variety of topics. Attendees will rotate between 12 discussion topics every 15 minutes, allowing each participant to visit their choice five tables. Join the discussions on Wednesday, March 29 at 3:00pm - 4:30pm.

  • Best Practices with Second Set of Keys
    Presenter: Andrea Amico, Jack Cooper Logistics

  • Medical Assistance Services: What’s Offered, Who Buys and Why?
    Presenter: Leslie Saunders, Leslie Saunders Insurance, Benefits and Training

  • Transform Your Training with a Learning Management System
    Presenter: Shona Nabity, Vykon Solutions

  • How to implement Effective, Efficient, and Customer-Friendly Identity Verification
    Presenter: Sara Laucius, Acuant

  • Improve Damage Recovery While Lowering Chargebacks from US Renters
    Presenter:Tom Kelley and Gary Fulena, Purco

  • What is the Optimum Length of a Vehicle Lease?
    Presenter: Andy Wilson, United Rental System

  • How to Manage a “Do Not Rent” List
    Presenter: Kevin Carter, Collateral Consultants

  • Connected Cars, Autonomous Cars, and the Shared Mobility Economy: What’s the Impact to You?
    Presenter: Steve Messino, Muvme

  • Identifying High Risk/Bad Drivers to Reduce Your Insurance Costs
    Presenter: Ed Bernal, Bernal and Associates Inc.

  • Three more topics coming soon!

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