April 24-26, 2022 | Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino | Las Vegas, NV

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Mike Kulp

Mike Kulp

President | Kulp Car Rentals

Michael Kulp received his Bachelors of Business administration from Kutztown State College and Masters in Taxation from Villanova University.  He assumed leadership of Kulp Car Rentals in 1993, after the retirement of Harvey Kulp, who founded the company in 1960.  Under Michael’s leadership, the team at Kulp Car Rentals built a different type of car rental company.  First, KCR delivers cars to their customers, choosing to have their vehicles waiting for their customers, rather than customers waiting for vehicles.  In order to properly and efficiently service and repair their fleet of over 750 vehicles, Kulp Car Rentals operates their own mechanical repair facility, body shop, and recon center.  The company also negotiates and settles insurance claims for their renters involved in accidents.  Finally, KCR has retail sales operations from which they retail approximately 75% of their fleet.

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