August 15-17, 2021 | Caesars Palace | Las Vegas, NV

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Kevin Carter

Kevin Carter

Founder | Collateral Consultants

In the fall of 2010, Kevin started Collateral Consultants, which has rapidly made a name for itself throughout the auto finance industry, as well as the rental car & equipment industry. Not only recovering defaulted loan vehicles but also recovering numerous stolen rental cars and rental equipment. The experience as a police officer allows him to work in conjunction with many local, and state agencies in recovering these stolen rental cars and equipment. Several employees are retired police officers with many years of experience conducting interrogations, and interviews. This combination has proven to be very successful. 

Kevin has over 30 years in the auto-recovery industry with the last 10 specializing in Rental Recoveries; prior he was 16 years as a police officer now retired. He has testified in hundreds of cases all across the USA involving stolen rental cars; has been an Expert Witness for ACRA; and responsible for uncovering many stolen rental car rings around the USA.



Best Practices, New Methods to Prevent Auto Rental Theft and Fraud

August 16
4:45 PM - 5:30 PM (PT) || -

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