April 15 - 17, 2024 | Las Vegas, NV


International Car Rental Show 2020 has been postponed due to the Coronavirus and government travel guidance.

Friday, March 13, 2020

We have been in close communication with our key partners including ACRA and ACCRO, and our key sponsors including PurCo, Zubie, 1st Source Bank, Rentstaff.ph and KIRRK among others.  After a great deal of discussion, we have jointly decided to postpone the 2020 International Car Rental Show (ICRS). The safety and health of our attendees and partners is of paramount importance at this time. With that in mind, please stay tuned for more information from Bobit Business Media, ACRA, and ACCRO concerning our updated plans. 

ICRS has been committed to observing the recommendations put forth by public health officials since the beginning of this unprecedented situation. The latest guidance released by the White House Coronavirus Task Force, broadened the recommendations to consider postponing meetings and limiting attendance for any American. Therefore, the current environment makes it impossible for us to hold a successful event for our attendees and exhibitors.



• Is it true that International Car Rental Show 2020 has been postponed?

Yes. Due to ongoing concerns about the spread of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and due to evolving restrictions and recommendations from government bodies around travel and gatherings, our Executive Leadership Team has determined unanimously that the Show should be postponed.  We are working with our event venue (Caesars Palace) on our rescheduled conference dates and new dates will be announced in the next 30-60 days, please refer to our website www.internationalcarrentalshow.com.  


• Are refunds being issued for Exhibit Space and Sponsorships?

Since, we are working on new, rescheduled conference dates, all Exhibit and Sponsorship contracts are in place and will automatically be incorporated into the new conference dates.

• How will my Advance to Warehouse freight be returned?

If you have already shipped your freight, please contact the Official Event Contractor Shepard Expositions at (702)507-5278 or email them at  [email protected] immediately to discover the status of your shipment(s).  Please note Shepard is reaching out to all those exhibitors whose freight has been received in their Las Vegas Advanced Warehouse location.

For shipments arranged with ELITEeXPO Cargo System, contact the carrier at (800)543.5484 and request the shipment be returned to sender or re-routed to the location of your choosing. Return to sender will be your most cost effective and efficient option.

ELITeXPO would like you to be aware that they are staffed and working all exhibit shipments as normal. They have extended hours throughout the weekend to assure that any urgent changes are handled appropriately. Be assured that they also will have on-call staff available after hours and weekends for any other requests that need immediate attention. ELITeXPO also will be able to offer short term storage alternatives to those customers who may have diverted shipments in anticipation for future events.


• Will the cost of badge registration be refunded for attendees?

Since we are working on new, rescheduled conference dates, all Attendee Registrations are in place and will automatically rollover into the new conference dates.

Important Note To Our Registered Attendees!

During this difficult and uncertain time, those who stay registered for this postponed event will receive additional value through free access to virtual training and collaborative opportunities provided by ICRS and Auto Rental News. As we develop those additional value packages for our attendees, we'll share details.

• If I booked my hotel through the official housing provider, Caesars Palace, how do I cancel my reservation?

You should immediately contact Caesars Palace (1-866-227-5944) and cancel your hotel room reservation. Caesars has a 72-hour cancellation (3-day) policy. Note: ICRS Show Management does not have the authority to cancel our attendees’ Hotel reservations – therefore, reservations are not automatically cancelled with the show postponement.

If you elected to book outside of the official room block, you will have to work directly with that hotel on any cancellation fees.

• Can I still keep my Caesars Palace hotel room and retain my discount?

If you do not cancel your reservation within 72-hour cancellation, your hotel room reservation will be intact, but you will need to check directly with the hotel about honoring the postponed event negotiated room rate.

• Will ICRS be reimbursing flight cancellation fees?

No, individuals should contact their air carrier for specific instructions on how to cancel or change their flights; this is not a reimbursable expense from ICRS.


• What are the dates for ICRS 2021?

April 11-13, 2021.

If you have questions regarding your participation, please contact our customer service team at 1-800-576-8788 or email; [email protected]