April 14-16, 2019 // Paris Las Vegas

Speaker Presentations

Links of select speaker PowerPoint presentations are added to the page below after the close of each show. Show Management strives to gain consent to post presentations from all speakers.

2018 -- PowerPoint presentations 

U.S. Car Rental Market - An Investor's View
Moderator: Chris Brown, Auto Rental News
Panelist: John Healy, Northcoast Research; Michael Meyer, Rate Highway

Renting to Uber & Lyft Drivers - the Secret Sauce to Profitability
Presenter: John Possumato, DriveItAway

First Timers' Networking Orientation
Emcees: Shane Ashton, Purco; Sharon Faulkner, ACRA

LATAM: Damage Recovery - Best Practices in Latin America
Presenter: Adam Jaynes, PurCo Fleet Services

ACRA General Session - A View from the Hill
Featured Speaker: Stu Rothenberg

Preventing Rental Vehicle Cybersecurity Breaches & Terrorism Acts
Presenters: Andrea Amico, Jack Cooper Logistics; and an FBI Speaker

Owning the Customer - A Roadmap for Independents
Moderator: Chris Brown, Auto Rental News
Panelists: James Dalglish, GO Rentals; Chad Knavel, Rugged Rental; Ryan Kerzner, Midway Car Rental

LATAM: Inclusive & Pre-paid Rates - A Market Savior for Latin American Operators?
Moderator: Jordi Rivero, Mex Rent-A-Car
Panelists: Lourdes Reveles, Mex Rent-A-Car; Felipe Ocariz, Volaris; Simon Ward, CarTrawler

Recognizing Pathways to Violent Extremism
Presenters: FBI Panel

Understand the Wholesale Market, Improve Holding Costs
Presenters: Jerame Jackson, Fox Rent-A-Car; Helder Dias, RoamRental

LATAM: Driving Customer Loyalty in a Low-Rate Environment
Presenters: Carlos Vuillaume, rentalcars.com; Luis Miguel Navarrete, AVIS Mexico

From Bitcoin to A.I.: Emerging Tech Impacting Car Rental
Presenters: Sharky Laguana, Bandago Van Rental; Alex Shartsis, Perfect Price; Heather Henson, Kogniz

Protecting Your Workplace from Sexual Harassment
Presenters: Rob Rosenthal, Howard & Howard; Rich Frakes, Desert Cab/On Demand Sedan & Limousine

LATAM: The New Realities of Your Recruiting Environment
Presenter: Israel Alvarez, fpg

Tuesday Breakfast Keynote Address: New Mobility in China
Moderator: Chris Brown, Auto Rental News
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Leo Cai, eHi Car Services

Hey is that Legal? Top 10 Legal Issues Surrounding On-Demand Rentals (Carsharing)
Presenters: Wes Hurst, Polsinelli; Leslie Pujo, Plave Koch

Meeting Your Customers' Mobile Expectations
Presenter: Shawn Concannon, TSD Rental LLC 

Win/Win with Online Brokers
Presenters: Angela Margolit, Bluebird; Tony Davis, CarRental8; Stewart Brown, Advantage/EZ Rent A Car

A Counterless Experience - Innovating without Reinventing the Wheel
Moderator: Chris Brown, Auto Rental News
Panelists: Alex Thibault, Vulog; Alan Woodland, Invers, Chay Lowden, Green Motion

Understanding the New Fleet Entrepreneurs
Moderator: Chris Brown, Auto Rental News
Panelists: Eric Rothman, Fast Track Mobility, LLC; Joe Furnari, Hyrecar; Andro Vrdoljak, Turo

Getting the Job Done: The Mess Behind Success
Presenter: Ken Stellon, fpg

Game Plan 2020 and Beyond: Preparing for Success in Disruptive Times
Moderator: Chris Brown, Auto Rental News
Panelists: Gaurav Kohli, Fox Rent-A-Car/JustShareIt; Arun Kumar, Alix Partners; Richard Lowden, Green Motion; Andrew Rodriguez, fpg




First Timers' Networking Orientation
Host: David PurintonPurCo Fleet Services, Inc

Opening Keynote Address: Car Rental and the Future of Mobility
Moderator: Chris Brown, Auto Rental News
Panelists: North Holbrook, Volvo Cars of North America; Dan Langford, Nevada Center for Advanced Mobility; Mark Thomas, RideCell

ACRA General Session
ACRA General Session - Marion
Featured Speaker: Bill Marion, Purdue Marion & Associates

8 Ways to Improve Your Rental Process
Moderator: Mary Jane Wells, MJW Consulting
Panelists: Rick Garlick, JD Power and Associates; Lori Tennant, MDL autoMation

New Mobility Models: Know the Opportunities, Legalities, and Risks
Presenters: Wesley Hurst, Polsinelli; Leslie Pujo, Plave Koch PLC

Harnessing Metrics in Your Loaner and Rental Department
Presenter: Shawn Concannon, TSD Rental LLC

How to Win Chargebacks and Reduce Fraud
Presenter: Suresh Dakshina, Chargeback Gurus

Should Your Dealership Do Retail Rentals In Addition To the Courtesy Transportation Program?
Presenters: Angela Margolit and Rob Hano, Bluebird Auto Rental Systems

Rate Strategy: Avoiding the Race to the Bottom - Morris
Rate Strategy: Avoiding the Race to the Bottom - Meyer
Moderator: Christy Morris, Rate Pros, LLC
Panelists: Richard Lowden, Green Motion; Michael Meyer, Rate-Highway, Inc.

Using Customer Data to Drive Direct Bookings and Increase Ancillary Sales
Moderator: Mary Jane Wells, MJW Consulting
Panelists: Nick DiPrima, TSD Rental LLC; Brad Fischer, Sojern, Ray McDiarmid, Boxever

The Secret Sauce of Retail Rentals
Moderator: Lori Tennant, MDL autoMation
Panelists: Patricia Dragon, Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc.; Chuck Myers, Anderson Automotive Group; Kevin Peck, Jim Norton Toyota; Phil Spink, Tom Wood Rental, Sixt

Europcar’s View on the Evolution of Mobility
Presenter: Marcus Bernhardt, Europcar Group

Damage Expense Recovery: Improve Your Process, Recoup Your Loss, and Keep the Customer
Moderator: Sharon Faulkner, American Car Rental Association (ACRA)
Panelists: Damon Haber, Record360; Ian Kusinitz, Empire Rent a Car; Marcus Lindsay, Bay Area Car and Truck Rental; PaulaMarie Vercollone, DAMAGEiD

Protecting Your Fleet from Problem Renters
Presenter: Steve Haney, Haney Law Group, PLLC

Closing Keynote Session: Legendary Customer Service Secrets from the Hospitality Industry
Keynote Speaker: Mary Ann Sena-Edelen, MGM Resorts International

Latin American Meeting: 

Actualización sobre el mercado de Brasil: Tendencias, amenazas y oportunidades
Ponente: Paulo Gaba, FENALOC Brazilian Car Rental Federation

Análisis perspicaz de datos de operaciones: ¿Cómo se comparan sus datos con los de ellos?
Ponentes: Andrés Lezcano, Bluebird Auto Rental Systems; Jim Tennant, The Tennant Group

Comprender el concepto de movilidad, servicios a petición y Uber - ¿Puede usted sacar provecho?
Moderador: Chris Brown, Auto Rental News
Panelistas: Javier Garcia, Mex Rent-A-Car; Chris Seymour, Carcloud; Peter Soutter, Good Travel Software

Tarifas de $1 en América Latina: Percepción y realidad (y cómo distinguirlas)
Moderador: Eddie Crespo, TSD Rental LLC 
Panelistas: Juan Carlos Morga, Mex Rent-A-Car; Alejandro Muniz, Economy Rent A Car; Karla Solis, America Car Rental; Carlos Vuillaume, Rentalcars.com



The Connected Car and Implications for Car Rental
Presenter: Egan Smith, U.S. Department of Transportation

How to Grow Corporate Rentals
Moderator: Angela Margolit, Bluebird Auto Rental Systems LP
Panelists: Elizabeth Alonso, MCar; Jorge Juan de la Guardia, Panama Car Rental

LATAM Car Rental Market — an Investment Perspective
Presenter: John Healy, Northcoast Research

Dealership Rental and Loaner Operations - the Legal View
Presenter: Wesley Hurst, Polsinelli

Managing Your Rental and Loaner Business: Three Case Studies
Presenters: Andres Lezcano and Michael Willits, Bluebird Auto Rental Systems

Franchising in the New Millennium: This Ain’t Your Grandfather’s McDonald’s
Presenters: Leslie Pujo, Plave Koch; Wesley Hurst, Polsinelli

Enterprise Holdings Talks Global Expansion
Presenter: Peter Smith, Enterprise Holdings Inc.

Why Lease? (And How)
Moderator: Sharon Faulkner, American Car Rental Association (ACRA)
Panelists: Lisa Cisler, Ace Rent a Car of Tampa; Ben Rosenbloom, Marple Fleet Leasing LLC; Harry Willner, Fleetway Leasing

Mastering Online Marketing and Phone Sales
Presenters: Jon Dill, NextCar, Priceless and Rent-A-Wreck; Jason Manelli, NextCar, Priceless and Rent-A-Wreck; Doris Morningstar, Hibu

Rising Costs, Lower Values: How to Keep Fleet Costs in Check
Moderator: Jim Tennant, Tennant Group
Panelists: Shawn Concannon, TSD; Joe Lyons, Marple Fleet Leasing, LLC; Brad Meyer, Consultant and Former Dollar Thirfty Operator

Remarketing with Online Auctions: a Step-by-Step Guide
Moderator: Robert Camp, Alliance Inspection Management
Panelists: Jeff Hart, Manheim; Chris Reeves, Ally | Auto Remarketing

Plan for Disruption: Making Industry Consolidation Work for You
Presenter: Mike Kane, VRCG, Inc.

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Nick Mariano

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-Nick Mariano, President, Priceless Rent A Car, New Hartford, NY, 2018

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Bob Farrow

“I always find this show interesting, good range of topics as well as a number of good and relevant exhibitors.”

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-Mike Ferrari, Vemark, Delray Beach, FL, 2018

“I really love the experience of the International Car Rental Show in Vegas. It was my first time. I particularly love the two keynote speeches, very inspirational. Will come back for next year's show.”

-Leo Cai, Executive Vice President, eHi Car Services, Shanghai, China, 2018

“Year after year my trip to the International Car Rental Show proves to be a great investment. I am able to meet with clients, vendors and prospects while only having to travel to one location.”

-Randy Hoffman, Vice President, Morse Operations, Inc., Delray Beach, FL, 2018

"Another GREAT show that I am glad I did not miss! So many new things going on in this industry that we need to learn and know, like recalls. Looking forward to Auto Rental Summit in the fall."

-Shantelle Ford, General Manager, Tom Wood Group, Indianapolis, IN

"The International Car Rental Show is a great way to learn about the hot topics in the industry, to meet key players and to understand the evolution of the industry towards new mobility services."

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-Nikimo Williams, Owner, Rent a Buggy, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands

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-Paula Vercollone, DamageID, Pembroke, MA

"It was a great experience to attend the International Car Rental Show especially to know more of the future of the car rental which is mobility."

-Carlos Hernandez, Chief Development Officer, Mex Rent A Car, Guadalajara, Jalisco