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Women in LatAm Car Rental: Celebrating Success, Solving Challenges (LATAM concurrent)

April 17
2:30 PM - 3:15 PM

Amelia Guevara
Mex Rent a Car

Brenda Azúa
Green Motion & U-Save

Eddie Crespo
Green Motion / U-Save

In a first for the International Car Rental Show, this seminar will provide a forum to discuss the challenges and opportunities for women in Latin American car rental. This group session will be guided by Brenda Azúa of Green Motion and Amelia Guevara from Mex Rent a Car. Attendees will learn about their career paths, and then they’ll solicit participation from the audience. Topics to be discussed: 

  • All paths are different. How have you found success? 
  • Though women attain management positions in car rental, how do they make the jump to the C-suite? 
  • What can be done to address differences in pay between men and women?  
  • How can car rental companies build their culture to expand their hiring pool to include more qualified women?  
  • What can be learned from non-Latin American markets?  
  • What workplace accommodations are becoming more commonplace to allow women to thrive?  

Finally, the group will discuss next steps to foster women in Latin American car rental through social media groups, networking, and greater communications.

LATAM Moderator: Eddie Crespo