Plaintiff's Counsel Confessions: Managing Risk & Catastrophic Personal-Injury Claims

April 17
4:45 PM - 5:30 PM

James Driessen
PurCo Fleet Services Inc.

John Possumato

As subrogation counsel, James Driessen will share insights from being able to sue people — and help rental companies understand their liability risks when the tables are turned against them and they are facing risk occurrences with catastrophic personal-injury claims. In this presentation, James will present the foundations for collision, comprehensive, and liability insurance to help fleet owners understand the right kinds of insurance with the right policy limits and deductibles for specific fleet sizes. As fleets are growing back to pre-covid levels and beyond, this presentation will help fleet owners rethink risk strategy for 2023 in their particular markets. James will use the landmark SDI v Brown case to show how “primary” or “secondary” coverage is becoming a bigger deal now more than ever.