Legal Update 2023 - Keep Up or Face the Consequences: The Intersection of Privacy, Vehicle Rental Laws, and New Technology

April 18
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Wes Hurst

Leslie Pujo
Plave Koch

Liz Harding

EVs, connected cars, websites, mobile apps, reservation systems and a whole host of other newer technology permit rental operators to provide better customer service and manage their fleets. At the same time, car rental operators need to be aware of increasingly intricate legal obligations when processing customer information or even tracking their own vehicles, including developing state and federal privacy laws and state vehicle rental laws.  This seminar will take a deep dive into several new state privacy laws, their practical implications for car rental operators and the risks of not complying.  The session will also include a review of developing state vehicle rental laws and principles outlined in the National Association of Attorneys General Guidelines on the Car Rental Industry.