How to Hire and Retain Great Employees for 2023 (concurrent)

April 18
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Jon Dill
NP Franchise Group

Aria Irani
AVR Van Rental

Julian Espiritu
Abrams Mobility Advisors

After the global pandemic, and as a new generation — Gen Z — enters the workforce, recruitment and retainment practices are evolving. In this fireside chat, two veteran car rental operators will engage with each other to pull out what is working, and what isn’t, at their respective companies today. They’ll discuss evergreen best practices around recruiting, promoting from within, and how to empower employees. They’ll then share newer tactics for today’s environment, including how to implement bonuses that work, what qualifications to look for in candidates, and how to “inspire from within.” The panelists will then open the floor to attendees for an interactive discussion.

Moderator: Julian Espiritu