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Weather the Storm — How to Strengthen Your Natural Catastrophe Plan

October 22
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM || -

Nathan Hixon
Zurich North America

Daryl Allegree
The Zurich Services Corporation

Brent Baxter
Zurich North America

Extreme weather events — storms, wildfires, and even hail — seem to be occurring at a more frequent pace and with greater intensity. If they come during a global pandemic, the effects can be much more devastating if managed improperly. If your car rental business falls within the path of regularly occurring weather events, you should already have a plan. But is it strong enough? This seminar will provide the latest best practices to mitigate property and fleet losses. Using hard data and real-life lessons learned, our speakers will discuss evacuation plans, inventory disbursement tactics, fire prevention techniques, and ways to mitigate claims long before the event occurs.