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Exploiting Your Local Market

October 23
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM || -

Gary Tucker

Mike Kulp
Kulp Car Rentals

Ian Kusinitz
Empire Rent a Car, Van & Truck

With air travel likely depressed through 2021, car rental companies are looking to pivot to more local and steady rental types — but the renters aren’t lining up at your counter yet. This seminar will examine local market opportunities such as: With the explosion of e-commerce, can renting to high-mileage Amazon and Fedex subcontractors be done profitably? Is there an opening to gain a piece of the insurance replacement pie? With a new car purchase out of reach for many, will long-term rentals take over? Come join our panel of car rental experts for strategies on solving operational and maintenance challenges, conducting outside sales, understanding the technologies and data sets needed to facilitate these new processes, and in general finding the niche that works for you.