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New Methods to Enhance the Customer's Experience During the Travel Recovery Period

August 16
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM

Israel Alvarez
Frontline Performance Group / fpg

With the return of travel a new customer has entered our world. You could call them a “Revenge,” “Cautious,” or “Bleisure” traveler, or they seek Value > Brand. For all of them, the expectations of vehicle availability, car selection, cleanliness, and convenience have dramatically changed. This workshop will share best practices on how to interact with these new renters in ways that will lead to higher sales, CSI scores, and customer retention levels. Attendees will learn how to message safety measures without lengthening the rental-check out process, present higher vehicle prices in a positive and effective way, develop more rapport with first-time customers, and understand their role in a new light. The enhanced content from this session will be supported by FPG’s latest round of research and other travel-related client case studies. 

Neapolitan I-IV (Entrance at Neapolitan III)

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