New Technologies to Reframe the Customer Experience (Concurrent)

April 26
2:00 PM - 2:55 PM

Danny Cohen

Jennifer Gelder
A Betterway Rent-A-Car

Thomas Brady

Jason Manelli

Andrew Rodriguez
Frontline Performance Group / fpg

From QR codes and mobile apps to keyless operations and Zoom interactions, the customer experience has undergone a revolution in the last two years. Join this diverse panel to understand the new customer expectations for car rental and how you can meet them with mobile and contactless procedures, AI-powered vehicle damage detection, telematics-enabled processes, the new data sets that matter, and more.  

Moderator: Andrew Rodriquez, fpg

Panelists: Jason Manelli, Rent A Wreck; Danny Cohen, Prooftec; Thomas Brady, Rentalmatics; Jennifer Gelder Budget ATL