April 15 - 17, 2024 | Las Vegas, NV


Jorge Pontual

Jorge Pontual

Director of Marketing & Business Development | Scotwork

I remember as if it were today the day when, at the age of 20, the VP of the company Sul América de Seguros (an Insurance Company) invited me to do an interview, which ended with an invitation to a training session on the company's products and sales techniques ( I was then working as a high school English teacher). Amazed by everything I saw, since then, learning to negotiate well has become my goal as a seller. I wanted to learn to argue, to defend my points of view, to overcome objections with propriety, and I realized that if I wanted to negotiate well, I would study for the rest of my life (when I discover the answers, clients change their questions.. .).

Today, I continue to be fascinated by the negotiation´s area, studying different authors, participating in numerous lectures, seminars and conferences (in some as a speaker), reading the best authors on the subject, even diving into studies on neuroscience, to better understand people's behavior during the negotiations. And I want to take advantage of all my knowledge and experience, current and future, to teach people how to negotiate better, to be able to present their ideas with more propriety, to achieve better results, through the use of assertive techniques tested in practice, which lead to a much larger number of “yes”.